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St. Ives is being taken right now. hop in grab your socks and give em hell.
WaiMingLee, tell me what you need and I'll see what i can do. I can create private forums and/or create addition forum categories for coordinating.
Is there a place on the forum where we can all coordinate ourselves?
feels good to roll out in full liao defense to put clannerz to shame!
LOL. Nice Smokey
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Shaka Dingane   I need permission to recruit or promotion to Master Sergent. I have three to four people that want to check out the team.
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SmokeyJediTruly, I can defeat the davion bastards, but 3 disconnects per match almost evens the playing field for those scum.
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WaiMingLee   Ach - balls, that sucks.
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ShinVectorHmmmm.... This place needs more Reps for CW.
ShinVector   [link]
First counter attack victory against the Davions and it was sweet.
WaiMingLee   Sweet - the wait can be quite long however, so I nearly always end up in the public queues when I am solo.....but yes, kicking the Davs up the arse is nice.
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