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Having trouble on recruitment (Which time zone do you live in?) Selections no clue what to choose
ware are the warrior houses?
Not many shout outs to people
Who are the admins for HouseLiaoVoice?
Great to see a lot of coordinated drops with other House Liao units during the CW event!
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IggyOK so just logged 4 battles on MWO...3.7mill in scrip 2 kills 2 deaths 5 assists and a bunch of achievements unlocked and I must say....THAT GAME challenge pack mentality . can`t even drop with your friends great graphics shit game....oh well by the time I hit 60 in 10 years they`ll have a good Mech game out...PSSSST who the hell and I kidding,,,they just keep fucking up a great game
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IggyMost EXCELLENT Mech Warriors of the REALM....HAILZ ALL
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